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ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES on What's Up Life : What’s Up Life offers advertising opportunities based on positioning and level of engagement; to best suit the individual needs of every business. We always look forward to select some exclusive brands to have the opportunity for advertising on What's Up Life. Cost of the ad space will vary per banner size and position, as well as the duration and/or impressions. What’s Up Life can also connect you with designers for assistance in creating your advertising banners. For more details please contact us directly through Call or Email.

Benefits of association : All the local businesses which get Listed on What's Up Life, avail the following benefits:

  • Association with a youth centric; dynamic website which is the best way to explore their city online.
  • Connecting with the multicultural Target Audience of their city who follow us.
  • Benefit from the planned Social Media campaign run by What’s Up Life.
  • Association & Marketing opportunities with the listed Members of What’s Up Life.
  • Association with the best in class Events, Businesses & different Social Groups in Life.
  • A Dedicated one page website giving the in-depth information about your business along with some nice sections with pictures.

For Feedback & Information: If you would like to recommend your favourite place in your city to be featured on What’s Up Life, or to share whatever else is on your mind about about the same or our website, Please feel free to send us a message by completing the form below.

For Businesses: If you have an establishment/business in the city and are interested to feature it on our website, please email us at

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